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Ordinary citizens can actively oppose prison construction or prison expansion where they live.

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The Drug War - It's Prisons, Poisons and Environmental Racism

A new November Coalition Family Album, an educational exhibit available to small or large groups and organizations that have "public lobby space." This colorful, visual presentation and companion literature illuminates the intersection of the drug war, prison expansion and global environmental destruction.

Use the new DRUG WAR: It's Poisons, Prisons and Environmental Racism Family Album display at local events, or create your own event at local churches or libraries. Contact us at for details.

Some volunteers, looking to build key alliances in the coming years, coordinated a day of informational tabling at Earth Day events on April 21st & 22nd, 2007. The exhibit anchors and assures interaction with others concerned for people and our environment. Consider putting the exhibit in regional libraries, civic clubs, office lobbies, churches, and at other public or private places where non-profit groups are welcomed.

Original and fresh materials are created by members of our group to do the difficult job of teaching diverse communities new ways of thinking about the harms brought by the war on drugs. November Coalition volunteers steadfastly illustrate the horrifying facts of a policy so destructive that it's produced a vast prison industrial complex and global network of for-profit companies intertwined with police and military might.

Intent on attracting casual passersby, the unique, eye catching displays and other public informational materials need volunteers to share them with others in their region. Donations help make these exhibits available. Consider being a supporting member of this project with a contribution today.

With an annual membership contribution of $30 or more, you will receive The Razor Wire, the November Coalition's newspaper published twice a year. All year long you'll also receive individual notices of website updates, breaking news and announcements about projects that our national network of volunteers uses to teach about drug war injustice. Dues and donations are tax deductible.

How you can help

Broadside Text: (You can download the color broadside here.)

The November Coalition was founded in 1997 to warn fellow citizens about the destructive increase in prison populations in the United States caused by more than 20 years of harsh drug sentencing laws and dubious policing techniques. The Coalition built alliances with groups all over the world because drug war injustice is global.

Drug war battles aren't fought on the streets of the wealthy. Drugs, legal and illegal, are used in all classes of people, and at about the same rates.

Prisons and jails aren't built in upper-class neighborhoods either. So-called "Correctional Complexes" are being built in rural areas where workers are so desperate for jobs they are reduced to working in warehouses for people. In other eras, mass imprisonment employed 'disposable populations' or 'undesirables' as slave workers in concentration camps.

In Colombia and now Afghanistan, the people living gentle on the earth, the sustainable farmers, can be sprayed with poisons that kill fish in streams, livestock, food crops and human life. Like the jobless and poor of the United States, people who are economically vulnerable become easy prey for drug manufacturers. Not unlike prison profiteers, the drug trade relies on desperate people who need jobs and an economic future.

People can be convicted in broad drug conspiracies and sentenced to prison for decades without any physical evidence presented in court. Drug war enforcement relies heavily on 'bartered testimony,' wherein the first people arrested in a group of drug-involved friends can 'snitch' their way to freedom by telling on others. Without a system of easily obtained plea bargains and convictions, prisons could not be profitable.

Corporate profits increase sharply with the use of herbicide defoliants, a growing global military force, and steady expansion of multi-agency policing that fills an international network of prisons. Power to control large human populations, primarily poor classes of people, and the destruction of natural resources form a steady and cozy weave in globalization strategy.

The drug war is institutionalized and is devastating environmental racism that needs urgent citizen action.

How you can help:

If you don't belong to a group that has a No New Prisons committee, or is working to end drug war injustice, consider starting one. We have organizing instructions on our website at called Bottom's Up: Guide to Grassroots Activism

You may easily find others who will work with you to increase pressure on local and state governments, and then combine that united influence on federal lawmakers as well. Plan to teach other people you know, one by one, day by day, about the environmental racism of the war on drugs. Ask them to become members of the November Coalition, too.

If you or your group wants a "Drug War - It's Prisons, Poisons and Environmental Racism" Display, send $100.00 (shipping included), and your contact information, or order online via PayPal using the form provided here.

November Coalition is also offering "seed grants" to volunteers, allied groups and our members who can't afford start-up costs of an effective public educational display. These groups should also be interested in fundraising for their local group. To apply, fill-out and submit this online application.

Please remember the November Coalition in your charitable giving. Your support is greatly appreciated.

November's 'Family Album' Displays in Action

Earth Day 2007 Event, Spokane, WA, April 21, 2007 - photo by Tom Murlowski

Center for Justice main lobby, Spokane, WA, April , 2007 - photo by Tom Murlowski

Miami, FL, 2/20/07 - photo by Chrystal Weaver

Ft, Benning, GA, Nov 06 - photo by Fr. Tom Hereford

Durham, NC, June 06 - photo by LaFonda Jones

Laguna Beach, CA, 5/14/05 - photo by Rachel Morton

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